IEEE Underwater Acoustic Signal Processing Workshop

Alton Jones Campus, University of Rhode Island
West Greenwich, RI, USA


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General Information

UASP 2011 Dates: 12-14 October 2011

2011 Call for Papers Available at 2011 Site

Special Session Information-Updated


Special Session

Automated signal & information processing for autonomous underwater sensing systems


This special session concerns the development of automated algorithms that ultimately enable autonomous underwater systems. The automation of interest includes signal processing of sensor data, refining such data into useful information, understanding environment / context and its relationship to system performance, and methods for optimizing the employment of mobile heterogeneous sensing assets. Many constraints are imposed by the underwater domain including limited power, communication and navigation; real-time / on-vehicle processing; and infrequent exposure to human operators. The ultimate goal of this automation is to endow autonomous underwater vehicles with robust perception. This robustness stems from both advances in processing as well as the ability to adapt the processing and/or the sensing system behavior to challenging environmental or situational conditions.





	Authors interested in presenting in this special session are invited to contact Special Session Chairs

Warren Fox


Jason Stack 


Organizing Committee


  • Chairman: John R. Buck, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

  • Technical Program: 


    • Douglas A. Abraham, CausaSci LLC

    • Geoffrey S. Edelson, BAE SYSTEMS                          

    • Donald W. Tufts, University of Rhode Island                 

    • Kathleen E. Wage, George Mason University                        

  • Special Session Chairs:


    • Warren Fox, NATO Undersea Research Center

    • Jason Stack, Office of Naval Research                                                      

  • Local Arrangements: Richard J. Vaccaro, University of Rhode Island

Workshop Information

The objective of this workshop is to provide an informal atmosphere for discussions of original research on signal processing techniques with underwater acoustic applications.
The intent is to review theoretical and experimental research at an early stage of development.
Particular areas of interest are:

Important Dates: Updated


July 11, 2011      - Deadline for abstract submission

July 29, 2011      - Deadline for those wishing to attend but not present

Aug. 22, 2011     - Notification of accepted abstracts and attendees

Sep. 9, 2011        - Room block at Whispering Pines Conf. Center released

Oct. 12-14, 2011 - Workshop

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