2017 Workshop: October 4-6

Special Session: Revisiting assumptions and approximations in structured signal processing

The topic of the special session is on current research involving the revisiting of assumptions and approximations made in historical signal processing approaches (e.g., using an SVD as a pre-processing step for all subspace detection and estimation or assuming circularity in all complex data). An ideal contribution would explore a case where common pre-processing steps are shown to be suboptimal when a more general model is used to perform detection or estimation and results in alternative signal processing structures. Expository presentations are encouraged as are descriptions of the historical perspective leading to the common assumption/approximation (e.g., computing power limitations, optimization for specific detection/estimation problems, inertia, etc.).

Authors interested in presenting in the special session are invited to contact the Special Session Chair:

Call For Papers

The call for papers is here.

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The 2017 UASP Workshop is sponsored by the IEEE Providence Section with promotional partners the Office of Naval Research, the Acoustical Society of America and Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems.